Light starters & salads

Grilled Camembert quesadilla, sundried tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, mixed leaves (v) 7,5
Cuban sandwich, pulled pork, cooked ham, Swiss cheese, pickles on sourdough bread 7,9
Soup of the day – ask your waiter 5,5
Spicy Jalapeno croquettes, smoked cheese, cayenne pepper, apple and onion chutney (v) 6,5
Crispy Chicken, ginger, garlic, soy, sesame, crispy noodle 7,4
Tomato mozzarella salad, cherry tomatoes, crispy basil, couscous, balsamic(V) 8,4
Beef tataki, apple soy sauce, ponzu jelly, scallions 8,9
Nori salmon, crispy noodle, edamame, soy mushroom, pickled cucumber, dill oil 9,2
Shrimp Caesar salad, parmesan, anchovies, romaine leaves, crostini, house dressing 10
(v) vegetarian