Gastropub - quality food in a relaxed setting

Clayhills dinner seating Gastropub is a combination of two words – gastronomy and pub – it promotes itself as a good restaurant in addition to being a pub. Good ale & wine is served alongside fantastic but casual dishes, locally sourced, well presented but not fussy, good quality and for the prices that would not break the bank.

There are rules to gastropubs – the food should take it inspiration in the local tradition, should be tasty, locally sourced, seasonal, affordable and it should go well with beer & wine. The atmosphere and space is important – the place should be welcoming and feel like a second home. Do not bother with table linen!

Tables are set, but more informally Menu is usually written on a giant blackboard, at least at the moment it seems to be the trend, and changes frequently. There is still a bar, still entertainment and more so, the atmosphere of a lively local spirit!